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Uncertain quantity (118)

Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

The indicator tells from the wording of the relevant fieled of the procurement call if the procuring entity allows a deviation of 50% or more with regard to the total quantity (to be acquired) or allows a deviation from the total quantity without charging a fee. This redflags indicates unvertainty in the procurement that restricts competition.

call for tender not published in official journal (66)

Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Not publishing the call for tenders in the official journal increases the probability of single received and valid bids and the winner’s contract share in every regression. Therefore the indicator's value is set 0, if the call for tender was published in official journal and 1, if no call for tender was published in official journal

procedure type (67)

Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Every non-open procedure type carries a higher corruption risk than open procedures in terms of single received and valid bids and winner’s contract share. Therefore developers set the indicator's value 0 , if there is ano open procedure, 1, if there is an invitation procedure, 2, if there is a negotiation procedure, and 3, if there are other procedures (e.g. competitive dialogue). Indicator's value is 4, if procedure type is missing/erroneous.

relative price of tender documentation (70)

Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Relatively expensive tender documentation makes bidding more expensive and hence deters bidders from bidding except for the wellconnected company which is close to certain of its succes. This is a ratio-indicator calculated between the price of tender documentation/contract value.