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This indicator counts number of characters of the eligibility criteria MINUS average number of characters of the given market's eligibility criteria. It indicates risk if eligibility criteria less visible deters bidders [ie. this indicator implies correlation between "overspecification" and tailored tenders - e.g. according to the statistics criteria length above market average by 520-2639 characters 16 increases probability of a single received bid by 10.4%-11.9% and the winner’s share within issuer’s contracts by 1.3% compared to the shortest criteria-length group]
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Corruption Research Center Budapest
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CRCB uses its own dataset for the index (partially available at Data contains of public procurement procedures conducted under Hungarian Public Procurement. Variables appear in 1) calls for tenders; 2) contract award notices; 3) contract modification notices; 4) contract completion announcements; 5) administrative corrections notices.
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the indicator is partially validated. the developers only set forth possible ways of validation of CRI, but according to their own assessment, it takes several years to validate the aforementioned indicators on a whole scale. These elementary validation routes, however, are important as follows:
1. analysis of cross-sectional and time-series distribution of CRI
2. relationship between the amount of spending not reported in the PP database and CRI on the organisational level
3. analysis of profitability and turnover growth of winning firms with different CRI
4. political control of winning companies is collated with their CRI
5. comparison of average CRI of "crony companies" with those whose success is largely unaffected by government change.
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