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Different evaluation criteria

label Identifier Identifier
power_settings_new State State
Not developed
flag Autonomy Autonomy
description Description Description
This redflag indicates risk if the evaluation criteria differ from those issued in the bidding documents AND/OR improper or arbitrary evaluation sub-criteria or procedures are developed at the time of evaluation that differ from the issued bidding documents AND/OR there are changes in the scoring of bids or arbitrary scoring of bids
location_on Country Country
language Language Language
link Link to project Link to project
face Developer Developer
World Bank
code Programming language Programming language
today Development date Development date
link Link to source code Link to source code
non existent
library_books Where to extract data from Where to extract data from
bidding documents, bid evaluation report [BER]
linear_scale Process phase Process phase
verified_user Validation Validation
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biased evaluation
process rigging